The Many Joys of Travelling to Western Australia

Western Australia is famous for offering tourists a wide array of attractions. Starting from the capital city of Perth to the South-West, tourists will find that each region have something to offer. As such, travelling to Western Australia is a good choice for those folks who want to undergo varied experiences. The diverse landscapes of the region provides breathtaking natural attractions as well as offering tourists the chance to attend local festivals and events, engage in shopping sprees, dine in fine eateries, and stay at the finest resorts, holiday apartments, and hotels of the region.

The city of Perth is a must-visit for those folks who are travelling to Western Australia. It may be a cosmopolitan centre but it also has numerous tourist attractions. For example, the Kings Park is the most well-known attraction of Western Australia. This park is magnificently spread over four hundred hectares and comprises of beautiful barbeque and picnic spots amidst wonderful scenery. Visitors will have the chance of exploring the varied flora and the manicured gardens. For more information please visit

Another must-see destination while travelling to Western Australia is the Swan River which flows through Perth. The river acts as the divider between the downtown area and the southern suburbs. The riverbanks have become beautiful picnic spots for relaxing and unwinding. In addition, one can also go boating along the waterways. The South-West region of Western Australia also has its own attractions such as the mesmerizing Albany Residency museum. It holds exhibitions which are dedicated to amazing natural attractions like the Gap and the Natural Bridge which one will find in Albany. The replica of Brig Amity is a must-see while travelling to Western Australia.

A visit to Western Australia is incomplete without paying a visit to Broome and North-Western WA. From here, one can access Cable Beach comprising over 22 KMs of turquoise water and white beaches. It is safe to swim in this beach as well as for numerous water sports. Nature lovers will also love the opportunity of visiting the Broome Crocodile Park and the Broome Bird observatory as well.



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